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Bise Sargodha Board 5th and 8th class result 2017

Sargodha Board 5th and 8th class result 2017

Usually, in Pakistan, one teacher teach all the subjects in 5th and 8th class and the same is the case in Sargodha where students are eagerly waiting for their PEC 5th 8th Class Results. This trend change in the higher education system and a separate teacher teaches every subject. Due to the high population rate in Pakistan, where we have a high rate of enrolled students in classes but the problem is that there are no enough teachers.

Punjab examination commission Sargodha ​result 2017

The Punjab examination commission (PEC) announce the Sargodha Board 5th and 8th Result 2017 on 31th March, Visit  to check your Pec Sargodha result,

It is a good thing that teachers are motivated to teach the students in the area of Sargodha because even there is one teacher for several students; at least the kids are getting an education and they don’t have to leave their hometown.

Education is everything and it is something that can change the future of Pakistan. Same is the case with Sargodha where teachers should motivate students to work hard and get the best marks in their Sargodha board 5th and 8th Result 2017

Parents should understand the importance of school because it is really important to send their kids to public education systems rather than schooling them at home. It will nourish their personality and they will understand rather more at school than home and tuitions.

A school is like the building block of any person’s life, and it will definitely help them in the future; colleges, universities and in general life. If you get good marks in board results, then your chances at being a better college/university will increase exponentially.

Due to recent incidents in Pakistan, Parents are terrified and they must be so. Terrorism is something that should be controlled by Government. Schools are for kids to study and they should not be butchered so badly. For the better future, we have to educate our children and make it known to our enemies that they cannot win this war.

Teaching English in schools is really important because we are living in the digital globalization era. It will help not only in communicating around the globe, but also to understand things better, establish relationships and even more job opportunities from all around the world.





Common courtesy, manners and respect are some of the things that parents need to teach to their students. Teachers can educate them, but it is also the duty of parents that they teach basic norms of life to their kids. We usually see that teachers are disrespected by their students, but it should not happen. When kids are in the growing age; as when they are studying in class 5th or 8th, the things they learn at this point of time will build up their personality. These things will always affect how they perceive things and usually behave.



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