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Faisalabad 5th and 8th class result 2017 Punjab examination

Punjab examination commission faisalabad board 

Education is a must for any person, regardless of their gender, and it is quite a commendable thing that literacy rate is increasing in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan is taking a huge interest in developing their Education sector. Faisalabad’s 5th and 8th class result of the 2017 Punjab examination will be announced on the 31st of March where students, regardless of their location can see their result online. Middle school education is very important and children (who are considered to be the future any country) must be able to get the basics of schooling.

Punjab is considered to be the hub of education in Pakistan, and here you will find top-notch schools, high schools, colleges, Universities etc. Teachers should understand that children from Faisalabad 5th and 8th class result need special attention because they are in that stage of their life where they can nurture their mind, and the things they will learn now (through curriculum or environment) will remain with them throughout their life. Teaching the right things at this point of time will surely be fruitful, but it’s the duty of parents that they give freedom to their children to choose what they want to study.

Faisalabad 5th and 8th class Annual result 2017

Students should be counseled and trained properly, the curriculum is also important, but the real thing is to develop their mind and train them for the future. These all things can affect any student’s Faisalabad, Punjab 5th and 8th-grade examination results.

The point to ponder here is this that in developing countries such as Pakistan, where we still face problems like lack of facilities and infrastructure facilities. Parents, due to their financial situations cannot afford to educate their kids. Gender inequality is also an ailment which cannot be ignored. Parents prefer to educate their boys and send them to school (at least primary and secondary) and neglect girls. But these problems are usually to be seen in villages, not in urban areas (such as Faisalabad, Lahore etc.)

Teachers should know that and it should be their priority to develop the skills in the kids, rather than just increasing their resulting score. Lifelong learning, Effective communication skills, self-concepts, and appropriate social behaviors, are some things that they should be developing in the kids, especially 5th and 8th-grade learners.

Punjab government should also encourage and train teachers like that they should be able to motivate and make their students somehow a better person rather than just some school goers. They should be skilled enough to develop their students’ mindset. Their class results should not only be everything, and if they see that someone is struggling with their education and cannot concentrate then they should go to the root cause of it and degradation should be highly prohibited. Talking with the student’s kid will also be a good idea.




It is also the duty of school administrations of the school administration that they should keep their organizational framework well structure, and their motto should be to give students the knowledge, skills, values so that they can become a better and responsible person of the society in the future.


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