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How to Improve Handwriting In One Day

How to Improve Handwriting In One Day?

A Beautiful handwriting as a good friend it's Converse over feelings emotions opinions and love to others hey good handwriting has its importance, even in this computer at all so many good students are unable to get a good percentage to their handwriting,

According to the phylogeneticit is proven that attitude sometimes depend on The Strokes in about handwriting we assume that we cannot change your handwriting because we are happy we get to ride in one start since of a childhood usually people think that if they can not change their handwriting yes they're right even higher technology also can not change that handwriting because of their strong negative beliefs,

Really if you want to change your handwriting just to go to this presentation and believe strongly that you can change your handwriting today itself no other people can't stop you to change your handwriting this could you doesn't it belongs to the presentation but goes to your Natural Pawz to play this great cause to believe can change your fault this presentation will help you as a friend to change your handwriting binaural longer stick programming before every move we hope this journalist you to get beautiful handwriting

We have just 26 letters in English you can have beautiful handwriting by just observing and studying the latest writing is a skill it is also an art to get good handwriting we should follow some techniques and Aesthetics Festival should know about the positions they are handwriting for kids

  • Writing position
  • Paper position
  • Hand position
  • Pen position

Writing position

First let us know about riding position while writing with pen or pencil it should be held by three fingers thumb and forefinger is the position of the pen inventor of 45 degrees Forum should be me about the restaurant the place that is basic for writing


Paper position

paper position for writing this to the paper or book position must be in 45 degrees the same hold his own with left-handed writing we hold up a post light eat right

Hand position

Hand pushing hand should not be held full title it must be free to move on the paper we must hold a pen or pencil on the middle finger and hold it about them and for finger for practice one has to use newspaper because one can adjust the size of the letters

Pen position

Pen position if much time is taken while writing it indicates bad pen position we should hold 1.5 centimeters from the tip of the pen

Some other points and princesses good handwriting factors that have a good hand there are

  • Size of the Letter
  • structure of the letter
  • spacing
  • slant
  • Zones


Size of the letter

letter should be needed to be not too small but should be medium 19 the same time to feel better

Structure of the letter

Structure of the letter Each letter has its popularity we should know it and follow it


spacing spacing means Gap we should not give space between letters 1 Planters Place must be given between the words and two little space between the sentences,


slant means the angle of the letter this land can be adjusted as per our comfort but the letters of 60 degrees Land look attractive and impressive,

Jones Jones can be divided into three categories they are a patron Lil Jon and Lil Jon the little fish attaches to a person or called and said your studies opportunities for example, B D F H K L T

The little rich girls that live on Earth called his understudy is there generators for example, G J P Q Y the rest of the letters are called middle June letters that should be returned equal size and height

Already you know that our thoughts and attitudes depend on The Strokes of the letters no later see some examples based on graphology

By studying later A we can estimate the emotions of the person those who like that later A really like to use all shy and reserved they like to be lonely this is the same with all uppercase letters

The upper capital letter indicates the presence. Eunice and openness if the person write capital letters with a big note that indicates that feel proud of their family and then success they're always step on

By studying C we can estimate the openness of the potion the shape of C indicates the person who like buildings and interested in mechanical engineering the person who write letter c as arch aur a simple straight forward and behave consistently the closed to indicate selfishness how closed the letter is that too much is that selfishness

By studying D we can estimate a person's communication skills and creativity those who write like this have a good character and don't have good taste If you like to open up like this it indicates the presence will talk more about himself if the end is not closed properly the person has postponing in nature

After the stroke is written like this the person maintained his truck to look different from all and wanted to be special if the upper lobes brought it indicates that person is broad minded and Stripes forward this indicates that the person are interested in learning Greek and having well-established personality

By studying F we can estimate about person capacity of organizing and planning skills those who right like this will beat all models for others the person who right a bird look narrowly or offensive minded if every Stitch of this it indicates that the person has more management and organizing skills

By studying G can estimate a person's biological and materialistic interests this letter indicates that the presence of more interested in political and materialistic matters this letter indicates that the person to not have knowledge on money made out of and biological matters this way of writing G indicates a person's creativity dramatization and are interested in physiological work

By studying I we can estimate bunch of algae and importance given to her person I don't have this letter says that the person how I felt about her personality and wanted to stand on his own legs the dot in the right places about the percent concentration and righteousness if the person right to Circle instead of her dot He wants to be different from all and he has autistic behavior and demanding nature and stick on his promises

By studying K we can estimate a person's Behavior with opposite sex and feelings if the person's right like that he's very stable this can't get the person's pleasantness and maintain distance with the opposite sex persons who write like this always worried about their past bad experiences 

By studying L we can estimate the persons interested fine arts those who right in this way are very positive and reserved this long look indicates good communication skills including organizing the meeting those who right in this way are very positive and reserved.

By starting M & N we can no about the responsibilities and communication of the both of those persons who write like this love of responsibility and particularly interested in Money Matters this indicates the person who want to take up responsibilities but they couldn't handle them the person who right like this always this have self pity who's who writes like this have more love interest on beautiful things and or genius this P indicates shyness reserved and

Potions full of stars this P indicates head right off the person this letter indicates that a person is interested in music this letter says about the persons interested in finance this letter indicates person who loves music,

By studying T we can estimate about persons interest on the work to be done the person who write like these are very tight you have good communication capacity interested very sensitive and hate criticism the shape of t-shirts the person's Higher Goals and thinking capacity is the stroke if given time like this these persons have inferiority complex

 if the second stroke is given like this these persons have a ballistic and behavior if the covering stroke is given like this these persons have more concern about the people around them and also having social responsibilities the persons who write like this have infinite love with themselves this kind of stroke indicated that this person's live life easily those persons who writes the down stroke and finish could not finish any book and it will always be in contention 

that's no problem if you didn't concentrate on the subject LOL but you need to put your full concentration on the subject now because now we are going to practice the latest so let us concentrate on the subject now let's practice the first alphabet c how to practice take to rotate a tire to the city take back for support use pencil or pen to practice now you are going to see how to write capital letter A this is a single stroke later after the full concentration and your full attention when you're concentrating on the letter of the temperature in your brain through subliminal messages now close your eyes and try to visualize the letter if you are unable to visualize the letter it indicates you have poor concentration so try again when you were able to visualize the letter clearly indicates that letter is the coach of Atlanta now open your eyes slowly and practiced a little when you were same practice clothes for 21 days then the letters will be born into a recorder in your subconscious mind so let's just practice all the letters like this,

  1. Capital letter A this is a single stroke
  2. In a capital letters B we have two strokes two strokes in small letter b
  3. Now capital letter C  we have singles strokes  the same with small letter c
  4. D has two strokes the same with small letter d
  5. E capital litter have four strokes that's more later e have only single strokes
  6. Capital letter F the letter F have 3 Strokes small letter f on contains single strokes
  7. let's practice letter both capital and small letter G contains single stroke
  8. Now Capital letter H it has three strokes but small letter h has single stroke
  9. Capital letter I small letters i contains single stroke and small letter with dot
  10. Capital letter J and small letter J has single stroke and a dot
  11. Now Capital letter K it has three strokes and small letter k also have three strokes
  12. Capital letter L single stroke and small letter l has also single stroke
  13. M capital letter half-full Strokes small letter m single stroke
  14. capital letter N contain three strokes but small letter single stroke
  15. Captain letter O single stroke small letter o also have single stroke
  16. Captain letter P have two strokes even small letters p contain two strokes
  17. Captain letter Q have two stroke small letter q have only single stroke
  18. Captain letter R have three Strokes small letter r single stroke
  19. Captain letter S has a single stroke the same with small letter s
  20. Captain letter T has two strokes in the same with small letter t
  21. Captain letter U have single stroke small letter u also have single stroke
  22. Captain letter V have single stroke small letter v also have single stroke
  23. Capital letter W has for stroke and small letter w single stroke
  24. Capital letter X have two strokes small letter to Strokes
  25. Capital letter Y two strokes small letter y single stroke
  26. Capital letter Z three Strokes small letter z single stroke

You need 21 Practices start this latest Bernanke Thank you


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