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MTMIS – Find Registration Details of Vehicle in Pakistan

MTMIS – Find Registration Details of Vehicle in Pakistan

Here, You can Find Car Registration Details of Vehicle in Punjab, Pakistan. You can Check Online Vehicle Verification Punjab. MTMIS is an Online Vehicle Verification System that is Provided by the Government of Pakistan. Then You can find out Vehicle Registration Details and easily verify all the relevant information of vehicles all over Pakistan. The MTMIS Online Vehicle Information System will help in keeping the records of several aspects of vehicle taxation & motor vehicles laws, like integrated computerization of motor vehicle registrations, motor vehicle examinations, issuance of route permits and fitness certifications, issuance of driving licenses, enforcement of traffic rules and regulations, and automation of criminal records.

Benefits Of this Online Vehicle Verification:

  1. This will Help to reduce hassle, increase clearness and it enables the fast communication from the central database.
  2. Managing the best possible enlistment of on-street engine vehicles. 
  3. Encourages better open administration conveyance. 
  4. Improvement of incomes. 
  5. Center point for different organizations and clients.


In a coordinated effort with excise and taxation department, MTMIS additionally works as a motor registration authority, the arrangement was to put the whole vehicle enrollment information online access to the public. MTMIS Website could likewise help to forestall deceitful arrangements and exchange of stolen vehicles.

The MTMIS Online Vehicle Verification System can likewise help to check if the auto has been exchanged legitimately to your name after you have purchased the auto/bicycle and furthermore to affirm if the auto/bicycle has been exchanged to the new purchasers’ name in the wake of offering it in the open market. Considering the peace circumstance in our nation, it is very essential nowadays to experience this affirmation procedure to ensure there are no last details.

How to Use MTMIS?

The framework is very easy to utilize. You basically enter the enrollment number of the auto you are after, and the framework experiences the records with your question. The accompanying data is then shown when you ask for the points of interest of a specific auto or cruiser.

  • Registration Date
  • Model year
  • Engine number
  • Owner’s name Company or an individual
  • Tax paid till or tax due from
  • Vehicle body type
  • CPLC Clear or Not for Sindh
  • Final Remarks

The previously mentioned data can be critical particularly where there is an issue of unpaid tokens or charges when purchasing or offering vehicles. Such unforeseen use can expand the general cost of the vehicle. The tokens and assessments of extravagance autos are now very high. Likewise, you can check the potential guile of a vehicle’s number plates, or if the auto is not cleared from security offices, so the subtle elements said above are vital

Shockingly, the states of a portion of the administration workplaces and their dealings client relations with people, in general, are not up to the standard, and at whatever point conceivable we attempt to stay away from them unless it is totally vital. The MTMIS activity is an astonishing undertaking in such manner of sparing time and cash of the general population and bother of heading off to the Excise and Taxation Department to deal with such imperative data. Most of the world has seen the move from manual databases to online information. It is awesome to see Pakistan the accompanying suit also.

MTMIS website or Excise and tax assessment office for vehicle check for Baluchistan is tragically not live yet but rather all different regions have a working one.

In case if your vehicle is not being said in record sympathetically contact the worry division ( Excise and Taxation ). Autonomous News Coverage Pakistan is resolved to serve the country with the most valuable data and online specialized help, confirming any vehicle or engine bicycle been never so natural like it is currently and this data is totally free.

So If you a purchaser or a vendor, claims a vehicle or engine bicycle, simply tap on your goal and embed your enrollment number, data is specifically from the Excise and Taxation Division.

The Government of Pakistan began  Vehicle Verification online connected with separate  Excise and Taxation Departments from 3 distinct Provinces and The Capital City Islamabad, Now you can check any vehicle’s data like Proprietor Name, Make, Model, and so on online just by entering the Vehicle’s enrollment number.


Currently, MTMIS Motor Transport Management Information System is implemented in major cities of Punjab and will soon cover the whole Punjab.

Find Registration Details of Vehicle (Car/Bike etc)

You can try Different Combinations

ABC 000 …………………………….LXZ 123
ABC 0000 …………………………..LXZ 1111
ABC-00-0000 ……………………..RIA-07-1111

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