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PEC Lahore 8th class 5th class Result 2017 By name

The PEC Lahore 8th class 5th class Result 2017 will declare Today You can check your PEC 5th 8th class result on In Pakistan, students start to learn strenuous courses right from the beginning. You will see students studying subjects like Geography, Chemistry, Computer Science etc and when they are giving Pec Lahore board exams then we usually see people topping in their 5th and 8th class results even in these difficult subjects. The Punjab examination commission has announced that they the Lahore board 5th and 8th class 2017 Result will be announced on 31 march 2017, so if you have given the exams then don’t forget to check at that point of time.

It's been seen that due to intensive course and academic routines, children’s artistic and creative side usually suffer, as they don’t have enough time to explore art and music. This is the reason why students (or in general people) have become blunt and lack common sense.

Modern schooling systems have created psychological problems in students, because they have too much pressure of studies. Children are facing anxiety, depression and several other psychological issues. It is the duty of organizers as well as the Punjab education board that they not only encourage/train teachers to improve the Lahore 8th and 5th class board result but bring new and fresh changes in teaching methodologies.

Give proper and equal importance to emotional and societal development. Encourage students to learn and understand things, participate and share in group talks so that they can better grasp the concepts.

Don’t just lace students with degrees, but in actual provide them skills, so that in the future they can serve back their country. A vast boom in technology is indeed refreshing and Punjab (Lahore) is the leader in education without any doubt, but it's also important to improve other parts of the country where education is still missing the key role.

Thanks to the internet and widespread technology, we are in the phase of information overloading – we have so much information that’s difficult to grasp for any human being. Nowadays students of 5th and even 8th class do not only need to study their course books,  but they have vast information right at their tip and they can take help from websites.

We are in the new era where lectures are not only limited to classrooms and lectures, but they are available right at your doorstep. You just need motivation for learning and you can get right in your home via video conferencing, video lectures etc.

Online education is the reality now; it’s really amazing how you can learn anything from the basics and also from the best teachers available worldwide not in just your country. Education is not limited to textbooks now, and you can learn from a wide variety of things available on the internet.

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Due to high and crazy competition in board system, it is really important for students to study hard and get good enough marks in their 5th and 8th class board result because even 1 or just 2 numbers difference can change the game.





Updated: Apr 1, 2017 — 12:27 AM

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