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PTCL Bill Online Check & View Duplicate copy

PTCL Bill Online Now you Can Check Here Free 

When was the PTCL started?

The communication is one of the basic necessities of our life. Our life depends heavily on communication to coordinate our activities. Communication enables us to do business at a more progressive rate. It enables us to give an important message or news to others in a matter of not minutes rather in seconds. Shortly after the independence of Pakistan, a need to create a telegraph regulation and management company was felt and hence Posts & Telegraph Department was made to perform this duty. The department worked well and kept providing services but soon after the commercialisation of telephonic services, a need to regulate and manage this service was felt and hence PTD was transitioned into Pakistan Telephone and Telegraph Department in 1962 to manage the telephonic services too. Soon a new name was given to this company that was Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation and incorporated under the Act legislated in 1991.


What are the services provided by PTCL?

PTCL is an acronym of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. It is probably the best and the top telecommunication company of Pakistan providing all telecommunication services. The services being provided by the company are telephonic and internet services nationwide and is probably delivering the best service according to their rate tariff. The company is leading the telecommunication sector despite the arrival of some other telecommunication big giants in Pakistan, but the PTCL is still leading the sector due to their rates and tariff. This telecommunication company, one of the best in the world, is also providing other data and mobile services like LTP, GSM,broadband DSL internet and LPTV services and there are many other services too offered by the company. And the company is keen to expand its services area at a progressive rate.

Details of the products and services of PTCL:

PTCL products and services are of telecommunication side and there is a complete range of all the services that one could imagine. The company is keen to increase the products and services area continuously. The most important services being provided by the company are the broadband internet, DSL service, telephone service, LTE services etc. It is probably one of the biggest telecommunication company in the world because it is managing more than 200 exchanges all over Pakistan. The company is also providing wire line telephone services to home users as well as fixed wire less services with CDMA technology. This service is provided under the name of Vfone service. To home based consumers, wired internet services are provided through the conventional copper cable system. The wireless internet services are also provided through LTE and EvDO.

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These services are provided under a brand name of EVO and Nitro dongle and the speed of this service is at a very high rate that is 9.3 Mbit/s. The company has also entered the products area and selling 3G and LTE tablets. The tablets got a good response from the customers and were reviewed positively. The company showed its plan for expanding in the mobile communication services and soon owned one of the best and largest mobile network of Pakistan that is Ufone. Ufone is working and providing GSM 800/1900 Mhz and HSPA+ 2100 Mhz technology. Ufone is now a wholly owned subsidiary of PTCL. PTCL soon expanded and entered the TV services and is now providing one of the world's first digital HD tv connection under a brand name of Smart TV. This service is provided through DVB-IPTV technology. PTCL showed its versatility and entered the home surveillance services are under the brand name of iSentry. The company soon started providing 4G LTE service. This service is available under a brand name of Charji EVO and the speed is up to 36 Mbits. The newest service that company started offering is online PTCL bill information. You can also do the ptcl bill online print through the website of the company. The company is soon going to start PTCL online bill payment service.


All over profile of the company:

The line is enough to fully describe PTCL that it is the largest telecommunication service provider and is not only providing services but also maintaining the quality with quantity. While maintaining quality for such a huge number of customers is not an easy task but PTCL has done it and is a real showcase of excellent customer support. The help line for any complains or information is online 24/7 and one can contact the help line any time. Calling the help line from PTCL connection is free so you don't have to worry about the charges. The company representatives are excellent in communication and can solve your any problem. If the problem is small then you can easily solve it by communicating with help line but if the problem is big then you can register a complaint and their technician will come to your home to solve the problem within 24 hours of registering the complaint. All over the company has a good profile and customer response from the people. That is the reason that the consumer base of the country is continuously increasing and the tally of customers is continuously increasing.

Online PTCL bill information:

One of the recent service that the company started providing for free is an online dashboard for checking the status of the connection and consumer profile. Among these services, the most beneficial and widely regarded service is online bill PTCL which you can easily check through their website. You just have to enter your own unique customer ID afterward the web application will verify and then bring your bill from the database. The database is updated regularly. And the latest bill is available on the web site during the first week of every month. You can easily do the online ptcl bill check print option and can print and pay your bill earlier. Now the company is moving many procedures towards automation and hence PTCL online bill payment is another miracle that the company is providing now. Soon the option will be available to pay the bill through the internet and the option of paying it through credit card is still available at the PTCL smart centres. You just have to enter your unique consumer ID and swipe the card in the machine. Afterward, you have to enter the password and your bill will be paid through the internet.

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