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Start of Ramadan 2017 Calendar

Start of Ramadan 2017

Fasting Festival Ramzan will start on 26th of May 2017. In this Holy Month of Ramadan Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk. Duration of this Holy month varies every year but this is either 30 days or 29 days. Note the thing that in Muslim calendar a day start after sunset of the previous day, the Celebration or starting of Holy Month will start after evening Friday 26th of May 2017. But Muslim will fast on Saturday 27 May 2017.

Ramadan 2017 calendar

Mostly People Follow Gregorian calendar that varies from year to year. So, lunar calendar varies 11 days every year according to Gregorian calendar. But, In Muslim countries, they do not follow the movement of Moon in a scientific way they only start the month after the sighted of Moon with eyes. So, the start of Month of ramzan varies country to country. But, In U.S.A people follow astronomical calculations that affirm every date according to astronomical calculations that tell us the movement of Moon every year. So, Muslim has to decide to believe in astronomical calculations that can give them unity all over the world. Even the Non-Muslim also criticize Muslim regarding start the date of Ramadan vary each year Not only in different countries but within one country we found there is 3 different date of starting Holy Month Ramadan and Fasting.

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Month of ramadan

 The month of Ramadan has special importance for the Muslims. According to their believe the person who fasted for a Whole month religiously and does not do anything wrong physically or Mentally he will go to Heaven without of any punishment. Ramzan is one pillar of Islam With Kalma, Namaz, Zakat, and Hajj. Muslim believes that with one puff of cigarette of even a single sip of water can vanish of their whole day effort physically. So, the devoted themselves to pray five times a day and after Isha Namaz Traveeh is a special prayer that only Held in Ramadan Month. This month not only logically but physically bring Muslim closed. So, it was sighted that in Month of Ramadan especially in Muslim countries the crime rate come down to a minimum level. Ramadan Reminds Muslims of the people who are less fortunate and can visually and physically feel how the poor and less fortunate people feels when they do not find anything to eat or drink. Three Ashras of Ramadan and after ending the 2nd Ten days Muslim according to their religious belief are bound to give Support to poor people according to their Financial Power. But, the question is can Muslims exempt Ramadan. If you are a sick or you are on travel or the women who is pregnant or the athlete who has to participate in the game are not very strict to Follow Ramadan. 

Menstrual period in ramadan

Women who are on her period are also in the same list but they have the complete those fasting days after the Ramadan Month with Fasting.  Some negative minded people thinks that in a whole day especially in summer with 16 hours a day refrain from water and eating things can harm your body. In these days Science has reached to the level who can give you true answer excepting your religious belief. According to the science if you remain empty stomach in one month after every year this will benefit your body and will boost your digestive system. In other words you are being stronger that whatever you were before fasting in Month of ramzan On the other hand this is the Month that will give you courage to get rid of your bad habits that you were finding difficult to leave on other months of the year.

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