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Top 5 Antivirus programs compatible with Windows 10

Top 5 Antivirus programs compatible with Windows 10,

The best antivirus for any operating system is ourselves, we are the ones that we end up installing programs dubious origin, either wanting or unintentionally.

This is true whether or not we have an antivirus, but many users feel that it is always good to have some protection "just in case" something is undesirable. The bad thing is that the changes of Windows 10 have caused that many famous antiviruses have stopped working.

Fortunately little by little developers are releasing new versions compatible with Windows 10, and then we review some of these alternatives.

Now you can try this antivirus for Windows 10

1:     Avira

Avira, in both Free (Free) and Pro (paid) versions, are compatible with Windows 10;As well as other programs from the same manufacturer as the extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

The free version has real time protection, although if we buy the Pro version we will have more functionalities such as email analysis and blocking of infected sites.

2:     360 Total Security

It is an antivirus that is gaining a lot of fame in recent months and has also been one of the first to be prepared for Windows 10.

Among its positive points is that it is very complete, including from security in online shopping to verification of thesecurity of the Wifi network.

360 Total Security integrates threat detection engines from Avira, Bitdefender and more. And … Did we say it's completely free? Because it is.

3:     ESET NOD32

Versions 8 and 7 of ESET NOD32 and ESET Smart Security are compatible with Windows 10, so if you can upgrade without fear starting today if you have a license. If you have an old version you will have to update the program, it will also help in Prevent Ransomware Attacks.

When upgrading to Windows 10 will automatically install the version for this NOD32 operating system, so you do not have to do anything.

4.     Kaspersky

Although it is probably the best-known antivirus worldwide and one of the most respected, Kaspersky is not doing very well the update to Windows 10.

Kaspersky users are encountering all sorts of problems to run some modules of the antivirus, so if you opt for this option you should know that you may encounter problems.

The solution that Kaspersky has given is to download the latest version of the program from the official website, but if we want to keep an old version we will have no choice but to install the latest patches and cross your fingers.

5:     Windows Defender

Now comes the surprise revelation: in fact, it is possible that you do not need an antivirus in Windows 10. That's because it comes with its own, Windows Defender.

Windows Defender should be sufficient if we use the computer in a smart way, if we think twice before installing something and if we are not generally afraid of annoying it.

Windows Defender is installed by default and offers protection in real time, to open it we just have to look for "Defender" in the start menu.

In addition, if we go to the Configuration and "Update and Security", we can use the Microsoft cloud to analyze threats and send samples. We can also exclude files, folders, file types or even processes if we trust them.

6:     Bonus track: Malwarebytes

If we talk about protecting our computer, Malwarebytes is becoming a must in any computer, as a complement to the antivirus that we have.

As the name implies Malwarebytes is responsible for detecting and removing malware, programs that pose a threat to our security (although real-time protection is only available in the paid version).

In conjunction with Windows Defender, with Malwarebytes, we will have thefree protection that will cover most of the "holes" in Windows 10.

Updated: Jun 16, 2017 — 9:10 PM

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