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How to Verify Facebook Page Blue Badge

How to verify business facebook page step by step

Facebook is a social media network that is very much famous among every age group people. It provides opportunity to communicate with friends, family and old class fellows on one platform.It is best for the people who want to stay in touch with their loved one. In initial days, Facebook is just operated from browser but later on it is easily accessible on mobile phone. One can now install the Facebook app from Google store and app store. It is easily available for any kind of tablet, PC, windows, Mac.

Now days, Facebook is more than a network of communication.Small business owners prefer Facebook to get higher traffic on their website through it. The main source of getting more and more traffic on your website is to getting more and more likes and followers on your Facebook.Different features of Facebook are perfect than other social networks such as pages, groups and much more. Anyone can make personal profile on Facebook and also create a page. People create facebook page to get more traffic on their blogger, website etc.

How to Create a Facebook Page?

Now, you all must wonder that how one can create its own Facebook page. Here i will describe in simple words that how one can create a facebook page and the steps are as follows:

  • For creating a facebook page, one needs to click the link

  • After reaching on the link, you will find different classifications such as local business, company, entertainment, artist, public figure, band, community.
  • Next step is to complete the basic information that include sections like about me, upload picture, add people, reach more people etc.
  • Now your page is public, for getting best results and more audience your page must contain unqiue content and interesting things that may attract more and more people.

How to Verify Facebook Page..?

After creating the page, the next step that everyone wants to know is how one can verify Facebook page? There are two different approaches to Verify Facebook Page.One is for official website of your Facebook fan page, and the other is for page’s that don’t have any official website. Here are some tricks of 2016 that will help you to verify Facebook page.

  1. Click on the link. This link contains a form that need to be filled.

  2. Select required Facebook page from the select dropdown box (It is for the page admin’s with no official website)
  3. If you don’t have official website for the page you have to attach ID proofs by clicking “choose files”.
  4. In case of having official website of your Facebook fan page, then you have to submit the link.
  5. After fulfilling the basic requirements as described above, click on send button.
  6. After a short time, you will get a mail from Facebook that your Facebook page is verified.

Why it is important to how to verify a business page on facebook ?

There is a huge difference between the verified Facebook page and non-verified Facebook page. The credibility behind the verified Facebook page is more than of the page that is not verified. The other importance of verifiying your Facebook page is the followers mostly follow the pages that are verified. The sign of verification is a blue tick on the page that increases your credibility and also allows more users to follow your page.

If your Facebook page is verified, you will get more followers and traffic on your website. So, if your Facebook page is still not verified, verify it by following the simple steps mentioned above.



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